Drug Free Childbirth

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Drug Free Childbirth

Gail J. Dahl

In my years of childbirth research I have come to the understanding that there are three chosen settings for childbirth; hospital, birth center, and home. The couple has a choice of two caregivers, physician or midwife. They can choose to bring in a labor coach or doula, to assist either the physician or midwife. The couple can decide upon having a drug or drug free birth. Today we can offer excellent support for couples choosing a drug free birth.

Many women who did choose an epidural during their first birth are making different choices for their second child. Women are choosing not to have an epidural the second time for the following reasons:

1. The mothers don’t like the feeling of being drugged, or out of it, and do not like the feeling of being unable to move during labor.

2. Mothers are finding that an epidural may not control the pain as promised.

3. Mothers are realizing that the epidural does reach the baby by crossing the placenta, just as any drugs or alcohol will, causing strong narcotics to be passed through the mother across the yet undeveloped blood/brain barrier affecting the brain and cardiac function of their baby.

5. Mothers are beginning to understand that an epidural most always slows down or stops labor causing an epidural birth to be at greater risk for a cesarean section as additional drugs are used to speed up the labor, often causing stress in the baby.

4. Mothers are finding that babies who are drugged are difficult to breastfeed as the epidural drugs will remain in the baby’s system for days after the birth inhibiting the baby’s ability to breastfeed and bond with the mother in the first critical bonding and attaching days after birth.

What are these moms experiencing with a drug free childbirth?

1. A shorter labor.

2. More effective natural remedies for labor pain.

3. Less complications with labor.

4. More emotional support during labor with hired labor coaches.

5. More natural pain relieving hormones triggered to naturally assist with pain.

6. A quicker recovery of the mother from childbirth and a feeling of empowerment after the birth.

7. More bonding and attachment occurring after birth.

8. Breastfeeding successful with the awake and alert drug free baby.

In my research I look at the studies and talk to women about their experiences. This 21st century generation has many more decisions to make than our grandmothers and mothers had to make. It is up to women as consumers to do their research and make sure they are aware of the facts that will help them to make the best of these life-altering decisions during childbirth.

Planning a drug free birth, whether a quiet birth at home, in a birth center or a hospital, will most likely give you the best results for a healthy baby and mother.

“Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” Award winning and National Bestselling Author, Gail J. Dahl.




Help for Crying Babies


"Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets" 2015


/PressMediaWire/ — National Bestselling Author, Gail J. Dahl has some great tips for crying babies. In three simple steps you can help your baby to calm and relax. The tips are as follows: The world is a noisy, bright, busy place for your newborn. If your baby cries excessively within the first 48 hours of life, bring your baby to your physician to make sure everything is ok. Then; feed your baby, change your baby, make sure your baby is nice and warm.

Now you can: 1. Turn down the lights, turn down the sound, slow down movement and activity. 2. Hold your baby in their favorite position to help them look out and focus on a bright light or blank wall. 3. Roll up your baby’s sleeves and bring the hands close to the mouth so that your baby can look at or suck on their hands, fingers or thumbs. These steps will help your baby to use their instinctual skills to calm down and stop crying.

Practice these self-calming skills daily with your baby and within a short time your baby will automatically use these natural skills to calm and relax. Gail J. Dahl will be on hand at the MOM2B Trade Show from September 30th to October 1st, 2007 in Los Angeles, California with bookmarks on “Help for Crying Babies”.

Gail J. Dahl is a childbirth researcher and educator, an advocate for safe and gentle childbirth and a national bestselling author. She has received many awards, including The YWCA Woman of Distinction Award, The Woman of Vision Award and The Great Women of the 21st Century Award for her work in women’s health and education.