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Gail J. Dahl, International Bestselling Author

“Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” New Kindle Edition – Free Copy Promotion for December 1 & 2, 2016

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What women love about “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”:

Becoming pregnant and raising a child are among the most exciting times of our lives. There is nothing that is more important than giving children the best start in life and now, in this new book which is described as ‘a gem’, many of the secrets are revealed to you.

Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets: A Prenatal Teaching Guide is a pregnancy handbook, packed full of excellent advice and the most up to date scientific evidence available and includes information on;

  • Birthing choices
  • Building a confident start for the whole family
  • The ‘business’ of childbirth
  • Development stages
  • A guide to breastfeeding

Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets is the ultimate guide for new parents when it comes to raising baby. With pregnancy tips, ideas for having a natural birth and lots more besides, this fabulous pregnancy handbook will be your friend all the way through, from conception to giving birth at a place of your choosing.

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Front Cover 2015
“Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” 2015

How to know if you are pregnant…


How to know if you are pregnant…

Many women are aware that they are pregnant from the signs and signals their body gives them long before they test positive for pregnancy. During the initial onset of pregnancy you may feel some bloating, cramping, nausea, you may have more frequent urination, and you may notice increased creamy discharge.

In 6 to 12 days you may notice some light pink or brown spotting or experience a short or light period as implantation occurs. Some women on an intuitive or emotional level feel something is different. Nausea is one of the truest signs of pregnancy and cannot be confused with an oncoming period.

What are the next signs of pregnancy? Next you may experience morning sickness with the associated nausea and vomiting. You may also experience sore breasts, fatigue, spotting pink or brown, cramping, dizziness, headaches, food cravings and fever.

If you are recording your body temperatures you will notice that your temperature continues to stay high after ovulation. Wait for at least 7 to 14 days after a missed period to home pregnancy test in order to confirm what you already know.

Disregard too early home pregnancy test results.

The moment you feel nausea coming on reach for a high protein snack and a glass of water and you will feel better quickly. Begin now to take a high quality prenatal vitamin and mineral, usually found at a health food store to help create a healthy pregnancy and help prevent miscarriage. A protein snack and a glass of water in the evening before bed will help you to prevent morning nausea.

Your body will tell you long before a pregnancy test if you know the signs to look for. Watching your daily temperature will also signal the time you are at your most fertile.

Gail J. Dahl, National Bestselling Author of “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”

The Miracle of Your Biome

“Gut rehab has the power to transform your health! In a 2015 study published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity. Laura Steenbergen and Lorenza Colzato, psychologists at the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition, discovered that after taking probiotics for just four weeks, study participants were less likely to focus on bad feelings and bad past experiences.

60542495The gut has also been referred to as the second brain. It’s that important. Home to trillions of gut bacteria in what is known as the gut microbiome, the human digestive system is in direct communication with the human brain. The gut contains a network of neutrons that support this intimate relationship with the brain through vagus nerves. As such, the gut has the power to regulate stress, behavior, and mood and even influence your emotional state.”

Here is another look at it…

What is the microbiome and what does it mean for your baby?

During and immediately after birth, specific species of good bacteria from the mother are transferred to the baby via the birth canal, immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding. This process kick-starts the baby’s immune system and helps to protect the infant from disease for its entire lifetime. But when interventions occur this microbial transfer is interfered with or bypassed completely. The latest scientific research is now starting to indicate that if the baby is not properly seeded with the mother’s own bacteria at birth, the baby’s microbiome is left “incomplete.” Watch Micro-Birth to learn more about these microscopic events and what they mean. To order contact Midwifery Today.

Gail J. Dahl, National Bestselling Author, “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”

Birth & Beyond Conference – Canada

Birth & Beyond Conference

Birth & Beyond Conference

Halifax, Canada

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Birth & Beyond Conference

Over 3.8 Million Views – Pregnancy Secrets Prenatal Youtube Channel

“Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” – Over 3.8 Million YouTube Views!

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Gail J. Dahl
Award Winning – National Bestselling Author and Childbirth Researcher
National Bestselling “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”
Executive Director, Innovative Publishing Inc.
Founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Childbirth Association


Gail J. Dahl is a Childbirth Researcher, Award Winning and National Bestselling Author. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Childbirth Association. Dahl has received many awards, including  “The YWCA Woman of Distinction Award”, “The Woman of Vision Award” and “The Great Women of the 21st Century Award” for her contributions toward women’s health and education.

“Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets – A Prenatal Teaching Guide” by National Bestselling Author Gail J. Dahl is available across North America through national book stores and through this website: www.gaildahl.wordpress.com

The information contained in or provided through this publication is intended for general consumer understanding and education only and is not intended to be, and is not provided as, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your midwife, physician or other qualified health care provider before you undergo any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.

Gail J. Dahl, National Bestselling Author
Gail J. Dahl, National Bestselling Author

Book Reviews for “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”

“Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” 2015

“Gail Dahl’s book is a gem. It is full of excellent “secrets” which are based on the best scientific evidence and are, therefore; reliable information.” Dr. Marsden Wagner M.D., former Director of Woman’s and Children’s Health, World Health Organization

“This accessible and down-to-earth book, “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” came about after the author found a shortage of helpful information about childbirth during her own pregnancy. What she learned after running an ad requesting mothers to send her their best tips on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care will not surprise those of us who have worked in birth for any length of time: Medicalized birth is causing trauma and physiological damage to moms and babies.

This gem of a book guides women through the months of pregnancy and into the newborn and breastfeeding period, imparting along the way a wealth of “secrets” compiled by the author. These secrets address such issues as choosing a provider, prenatal testing, cesarean section, preparing for birth, circumcision and breastfeeding. This book will make a great gift for any expectant parents.” Midwifery Today Magazine

“How can we maximize our chances of ease, pleasure and safety at birth? How can we minimize our need for interventions? Can we begin, even from early pregnancy, to increase our poise and self-possession, and take the steps that are most likely to give us a joyful and confident start?

Fortunately, this journey — the journey towards natural birth –is mapped out here before you. Gail Dahl has assembled a treasure-trove of wisdom from some of the foremost experts in the area. Not only is there wisdom and experience, but she includes the scientific evidence that you need, presented in easily understandable language. And, like a good friend, “Pregnancy and Childbirth Secrets” is with you through the whole journey and comes in with just the information and advice that you need at the right time. Pregnancy and childbirth are pivotal life events. Pregnancy and Childbirth Secrets will give you the resources you need for a gentle, joyful, and confident start for your whole family.” Dr. Sarah J. Buckley, GP/Family Physician

“The book offers new research and information on everything from the so-called business of childbirth, to the various birthing choices and medical interventions now available, including having a baby at home versus a birthing center or in a hospital.” Calgary Herald Newspaper

“Gail Dahl, author of “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”, became a birth activist the same way many women do: she gave birth herself and, after the fact, saw clearly what she wished had been different. Dahl stands out because she has found a way to transform her personal experience into positive action in the community. She is, in fact, changing the way women give birth – one baby at a time.

Gail Dahl is, first and foremost, a mother – a mother who was changed by the experience of giving birth to her daughter; a mother who wanted to capture the secrets she learned in the delivery room to share with her daughter later; a mother who soon came to realize that those secrets should be shared with all daughters, not just her own.” Robin Galey, Birthing Magazine

“Thank you for all your work in preparing this book.” Maria Keirstead, DAE Past Chairperson, Doula Association of Edmonton

“Thanks Gail for the book, “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”, everyone is excited to get their hands on one!” Teri Quinn, Professional Labor Coach

“I wanted to tell you that your book has been such an amazing resource in my prenatal class.  Every woman is writing a review for you (+10) and I have put one in the hands of all the local doulas and midwives as well.  I am going to be training 12 new doulas this winter and your book is now a required text.” Lisa Wass B.Ed., C.D., Childbirth Educator, President of the Doula SK Network

“Gail Dahl has researched and gathered information that makes pregnancy a gentle, soft, safe experience. In this day of information it is amazing to me that mothers must still search and hunt for what is needed to bring a mother and baby safely through the amazing experience called BIRTH. Gail’s dedication to bring healthy happy babies into this world makes her a pioneer in her field. Thank you Gail, I so appreciate your commitment.”  Jollean Sandwell Schantz, Mother of Five and Grandmother of Six

“Sounds like you have really met a need with your book, and have hit a sweet spot of consumer readiness, so to speak.” Marcy Axness, Ph.D., Early Development Counselor, Fertility, Adoption, & Early Parenting, Quantum Parenting

“This is a great addition to my HypnoBirthing class handouts. Please keep me on your mailing list. I have ordered your book and look forward to it being in my lending library! You are doing a great job.” Jo Kilburn, Dona, CCE, Birth Resource Network

“At one time or another we all have a desire to know “the secret” to something. We long to know the best way to do certain things. However, no information could be more important and more life altering than understanding the secret to having a gentle, safe and satisfying pregnancy and birth experience.

Gail J. Dahl, a mother, researchers, educator and advocate for safe and gentle childbirth, has done exactly that by providing a thorough guide for parents in her new book, “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”.

With valuable information from mothers, top childbirth experts and researchers, the book is packed full of resources and tips to help you feel informed and supported. Dahl also covers diverse topics – from exercise and sex in pregnancy to cesarean section.

She shares information on how to manage the fear of labor, along with ways to avoid episiotomy and tears. Also covered is the issue of induction (when is it really necessary and when is it not?) and some excellent information on optimal fetal positioning to encourage a more comfortable, easier birth.

Additional topics include how to breastfeed, childcare considerations, adjustment for siblings, and a partner’s role in childbirth and parenting. Further still, Dahl explores the secrets of baby language and what those cries really mean. This information is a dream in itself! The time to educate is before a woman is pregnant – before fears surrounding childbirth become present. I definitely agree. And reading “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” is a positive step in that direction.” Joan Koval, Certified Nurse-Midwife Hypno Birthing Childbirth Educator and Hypnotherapist. Alaska Wellness Magazine

“I would love to carry your book in my shop.” Eva Bild, MA, CD (DONA), Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Counselor

“An inspiring, inspirational, and practical guide to pregnancy & birth! “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” provides parents with practical and compassionate tools for a safe, normal, birthing experience, from conception through the magnificence of birth and bonding to the precious first days, months, and years of a baby’s life. Gail Dahl offers positive parenting suggestions that will help a parent get the most out of the incredibly empowering, ecstatic experience of creating, birthing, and parenting a precious baby. This is the book grandparents wish we’d had!” Marilyn Fayre Milos, RN

“Your generous spirit and written work will go a long way to helping us educate birthing women and their families.” Andrienne Prest, Comfort and Joy Doula Association

“Great ideas, Gail.” Pam Soltesz, CLD, CCCE, Childbirth Educator, Labour Doula, Infant Massage Instructor, Heaven’s Heartbeat Childbirth Services

“Congrats on your new book! I have several copies of your Tips that I lend to all clients. Mimi Pothaar and I teach natural prenatal classes here in Canmore and would like to make your new book available for purchase to class participants.” Angie Evans, BScHon, MH, Master Herbalist, Doula, Iridologist

“I have your old book and many of my clients have loved it. It would be great to have your new book in my library as well so my clients can have a look and then purchase a copy.” Linda Middleton, Certified Doula/ Trainer & Childbirth Educator

“This book, “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” shoots straight from the hip and doesn’t couch it in a lot of euphemisms. It will wake people up to the fact that they should look in their community of who the birth experts are and engage a whole range of experts. It might give them ammunition if they are rushed into an induction, too. We want to dispel fear. Every woman and any age and in any condition deserves to have a simple birth. Not everyone can, but the majority can. We need information and choices in labor settings that don’t interrupt the actual physiology of birth.” Patricia Bloome, RN, Doula, Lactation Consultant, Prenatal and Childbirth Educator

“I wanted to thank you again for the book, “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets”. I’ve read nearly all of it and it reinforces my birth plan and views on pregnancy etc. I think your book is very valuable and I’m glad someone finally wrote a book like that. I’ve been looking for good pregnancy books and found it very hard. I’ve had to do all my own research but now your book backs up what I had found. I will definitely recommend it and use it to show people who don’t understand my choices (very few people I know understand about gentle birth or why I would even try to go naturally). Thank you for writing this book :)” Jenni Desjardins, Second Time Mother

“I read several books before I had my son and this was by far my favorite. I really wanted a natural childbirth and I credit my easy, beautiful labor in part to this book. I read the final chapters over and over again before giving birth and this gave me to confidence to go into my labor with excitement. It also encouraged me to write a birth plan to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and I was very glad I did. I never once thought of asking for drugs and was never offered them. I also progressed very quickly and I think one of the main reasons was because I included that I did not want to be checked or bothered until I was ready to give birth (as discussed in the book). It is a great read for any one who wants a drug free birth for their baby. It’s a great book.” M. Walker, First-Time Mother

“Enlightened Childbirth – Thanks Gail for giving us the insight into what childbirth should really be.” Salli Gonzalez, Licensed Midwife, San Antonio, TX

“Love to contribute, love the excerpts from your book as well, will order a copy soon.  In fact I might go to my library and order a copy to make sure they have one too. Can I publish one of your excerpts on my next newsletter (with a link to your site?) I’d love to do that my newsletter reaches nearly 4000 people all over the world. Good to meet a kindred heart.” Giuditta Tornetta, Birth & Postpartum Doula

An inspiring, inspirational, and practical guide to pregnancy & birth! “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” provides parents with practical and compassionate tools for a safe, normal, birthing experience, from conception through the magnificence of birth and bonding to the precious first days, months, and years of a baby’s life. Gail Dahl offers positive parenting suggestions that will help a parent get the most out of the incredibly empowering, ecstatic experience of creating, birthing, and parenting a precious baby. This is the book grandparents wish we’d had! Marilyn Fayre Milos, RN, Executive Director, National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC)

“I recently had an Open House for my business, Life Song Perinatal Services, and had a chance to show off my chosen class text, “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” by Gail Dahl. This is a wonderful book; she included so many great articles, the kind I normally have clipped out or copied out of journals and saved in my teaching stack. Anyway, I love the book, and was thrilled to find it.

I had this book out for all to see – it was a wonderful gathering of midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, past class participants and mommas – and the book had resounding reviews. I just really appreciate all Gail’s “straight-talk” re: epidural anesthesia and its mother baby effects, induction, cesarean.

She also talks about Optimal Fetal Positioning, comfort measures, positions for birth, connecting with your baby while en utero, etc. Dahl is a true Birthkeeper and believer of sacred, normal, physiological birth. It was beautifully written. In addition, I enjoyed all the “gray boxes” which captured some of the “best of” articles by so many birth gurus, including Michel Odent MD, Gloria Lemay,Penny Simkin, Jean Sutton, Sheila Kitzinger MD, Ina May Gaskin, Marsden Wagner MD, Dr. Thomas Verny, CIMS and WHO recommendations, to name a few. Wonderful!

Thank you, Gail, for writing such a book, and for compiling this excellent resource. I look forward to sharing it with my students. It is just what I was looking for in a childbirth class book.” Mary Burgess, Midwife and Childbirth Educator, Life Song Perinatal Services

“Learn how you can have a safe, gentle birth – “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” is packed with information that will guide you throughout your pregnancy and during your first days as a mom. Mothers, childbirth professionals and researchers share their experience and knowledge, giving you the insight you need to have a birth that is safe and rewarding for both you and your baby. Learn how to prepare for a positive childbirth experience.

Read “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” to discover how you can have an easier, safer and gentler birth no matter where it takes place–at home, at a birth center or in the hospital. With information gleaned from mothers, top childbirth professionals, and researchers, this book explains what to expect month by month and what you can to do have a good birth experience. For example, you’ll learn that: You should eat and drink fluids at the beginning of labor and drink fluids throughout your labor. This is one of the best natural pain relievers for childbirth. You should remain active and change your position at least every twenty minutes during labor.

The information in “Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” is valuable for both soon-to-be and new mothers and serves as an important educational tool for men. Topics covered include natural fertility options, exercise during pregnancy, natural remedies for morning sickness, advantages of a doula and the benefits of professional labor support. You’ll also learn about new effective natural pain relief for labor, positive childbirth preparation, your partner’s role in childbirth and how you can overcome common labor challenges.” Mothering Magazine

Gail J. Dahl, National Bestselling Author
Gail J. Dahl, National Bestselling Author

Increasing daily Vitamin D3 Could Save Millions of Dollars in Health Care for Pregnant Women

“Pregnancy & Childbirth Secrets” 2015

The Importance of Vitamin D and Pregnancy

Take a look at the newest and most fascinating Vitamin D3 study that shows the greatest importance of all pregnant women to have extra Vitamin D3 during their pregnancy using daily sun exposure, special foods and supplements:

An RCT study looking at skeletal and non-skeletal effects as well as birth outcomes for 3 groups of pregnant women taking – 400 IU, 2000 IU and 4000 IU was published in 2012. The study found that women who took vitamin D3 of 4,000 IU/day during pregnancy “normalize” vitamin D metabolism and improve birth outcomes including: reduced cesarean section by 43%, reduced pre-term births by 26%, reduced gestational diabetes by 64%, reduced pre-eclampsia by 67% and reduced infections by 11%. No risk of side affects from the vitamin D dosage was found. Pregnant women receiving 4,000 IU/day vitamin D3 attained an average circulating 25(OH)D level of 111 nmol/L, well below the 150 nmol/L found in a natural environment. “Our conclusion is that during pregnancy women should have a circulating 25(OH)D level in excess of 100 nmol/L; however, one achieves it, be it solar exposure and/or diet”.

Hollis et al., Vitamin D and Pregnancy: Skeletal Effects, Nonskeletal Effects, and Birth Outcomes. Calcif Tissue Int DOI 10.1007/s00223-012-9607-4

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